Notifications Digest

A few weeks ago we launched our spin-off project Datawaki, but this doesn’t mean we are not working on improving teowaki.

Since we launched e-mail notifications, we have received lots of  comments requesting digest notifications. If there is too much movement in your team, it can be annoying to receive a lot of emails every day.

We know it well, since we get notifications ourselves every time we commit, push, or deploy changes and every time we modify any issue on our issue tracker. Even small teams like us can get dozens of notifications a day, and we think that’s wrong.

We are happy to announce notifications digest, to free your inbox from unwanted messages, but still be able to receive a summary of what’s going on.

Until now, in your Account Settings page you could only choose if you wanted to receive notifications by email or not. Now when you check the notifications checkbox you can choose the periodicity: invidivual email (same behaviour than before) or a daily or weekly digest with all the notifications


Your inbox will be much emptier, but you’ll still keep in touch with your developer friends. If you miss any feature in teowaki, just let us know at We are here to help you!