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Our spin-off project Datawaki is now public

You might have been wondering what teowaki has been up to, since it’s been a while after our last post. It turns out we had a very busy May and June, speaking at conferences in Berlin, Barcelona, Kiev, Tel Aviv and London, and attending a few other conferences, including Google I/O in San Francisco.

Every time I talked to other developers and told them about our internal analytics solution —based in Big Query and Redis— I could see a lot of interest. And some even asked me if they could use it for their own projects. So we decided to extract that functionality out of teowaki, prepare it for public use, and make a spin-off project. I’m proud to say Datawaki is now  live.

With Datawaki you can analyse anything and everything going on in your application. You only need to provide a JSON with the relevant fields for your business, and Datawaki will take care of storing it, sending real-time alerts via e-mail on important events, providing timely reports and allowing you to run interactive queries at any time. Over billions of rows. In a few seconds.

You don’t need to worry about storage, backups or allocating development resources. Just send us your events and we’ll do the rest.

As of today you can only register if you are using Heroku. We will get the JSON directly from your log file, so integration is very easy on your end. We will provide a public REST API in the future so anyone can manage their events with Datawaki.

This is just the beginning. We are now waiting for your feedback to know what you want, so we can make Datawaki better and brighter for you all.  If you are a Heroku user and would like to give Datawaki a try, please send us an e-mail to and we will invite you over.


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