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You have heard me say —probably many times— teowaki has a nice, usable, RESTful API. But you had to trust me on that, because we hadn’t had the time to document it properly.

From today you don’t need to trust me anymore, since you can play with the API by yourself following the documentation we have published at teowaki Developers Centre.

If you are already familiar with REST, you can proceed directly to our API overview, or to our hypermedia documentation. If you want to know more about REST you can try the REST basic concepts tutorial. And if you like APIs, you probably want to take a look at our Developer Tools section.

A few examples from our API using cURL from the command line:

Get the public contents about redis
curl -H "accept:application/json"

Get the profile of the user Ada
curl -H "accept:application/json" ""

Or directly from your browser:

If you want to access private contents, you will need to Authenticate using OAuth2 first. But with the OAuth2 intro in the Developers Centre that should be a breeze.

Give it a try, and tell us about all the awesome things you are building with it at or @teowaki. We will feature in our blog the coolest uses of the API.


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