What kind of ant are you?

teowaki is —and will always be— free for public contents. It is one of the ways we have to contribute back to the open source community and to all the awesome events the different communities organise.

As an individual user, you can also enjoy free of charge your own personal area where you post private links and practices for your eyes only.

After our first months of public beta, I am excited to announce teowaki’s price plans, for developers who need to share contents privately with others.


Are you a soldier ant? Do you work from the trenches to make your startup or small team successful? Teams of up to 4 people can enjoy  teowaki for as low as £12* per month.

Are you a queen ant? Do you have a team you feed and take care of? Teams from 5 to 30 members pay £9** per month per developer. Teams of over 30 members pay a flat rate of £400***.

Are you a scout ant? Do you like the freedom of working on your own while being able to share privately with other individuals and organisations? Individual users pay £9** per month.

If you pay yearly, you will pay only for 10 months every year in all the plans.

All our price plans come with a 30 days free trial. You don’t need to enter your credit card in advance, because we hate sites that ask for your card before letting you judge if they are good enough for you. And of course you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan without any restrictions.

It took us a while to figure out the best plans for our users, and we think our proposal is a fair one. But if you would like to have a personalised plan for you or your organisation, contact us at and let us know what is your idea. We will try our best to accommodate to your needs.

* 15€ or $20, depending on your country
** 10€ or $15, depending on your country
*** 500€ or $700, depending on your country


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