Who said RSS is dead?

Well, it wasn’t me. RSS is a great way of getting updates when you have a feed of news. There are RSS readers virtually for every device and programming language. Don’t you believe me? Then take a look at this developer working on a RSS aggregator in COBOL.

When we thought of which mechanism we should use for users to subscribe to their notifications, it’s no surprise RSS was our first choice. So let me introduce you without further ado our brand new RSS feed service for your notifications.

atom_feedJust log in into teowaki —if you were already logged in, you might have to reload the page— and you should see the notification feed links right below the menu, as you can see in the picture.

Pick your favorite format, Atom or RSS, and add it to your favourite reader. I have installed a generic RSS reader on my phone, so from now on I will never miss any updates from my developer friends, even when I am not logged in into teowaki.

If you are experiencing any difficulties using your notifications feed, get in contact via and we’ll try our best to help you out.

RSS is dead, long live RSS!


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