teowaki’s 300

Last week we saw the 300th user signing up for teowaki. We are still a bit far from world domination but we couldn’t be happier. And we want to thank every one of you for trusting us.

But we want more! We need you to spread the word, create organisations and teams and invite your friends to join teowaki.

Do you regularly attend a community event in your town? Create a team for it and use teowaki to keep sharing information in between meetings. Are you teaching other people how to be a better developer? Use teowaki to keep the group in touch. Changing jobs? You don’t need to stop sharing with your colleagues; just add an alumni group for your company and tell them to join and keep you up to date on what’s hot and what’s not. 

There are endless situations when a tool for sharing links, short messages, best practices and mistakes comes handy.  If there is anything you are missing at teowaki that keeps you from using it more, please let us know at We want to make the best service possible for software developers to interact with each other and we won’t stop until we get it.

This is what 300* happy users look like:


* There are actually 302 users up there


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