teowaki is now open

Back in November, we invited 50 of our developer friends to try the alpha version of teowaki. We have learned a lot from them (thank you all!), we have improved the tool in the last few weeks, and we are ready now for the big opening.

Our mission is to make you happier and to help you stay in contact with your friends and colleagues no matter where you are. Please start using teowaki, invite your developer friends to your teams, and let us know how we can make teowaki better for you.

You might be wondering what kind of things you can share with other developers at teowaki, and the answer is pretty much anything that makes sense for you. As an example, we at teowaki are using the site for sharing interesting links about  software developmenttools we likedistributed systemsnews, or  just for fun. We also share our  best practices  and  code snippets, and even the methodologies we use. When we publish something that doesn’t need to last for long, we just set an expiration date and forget about it.

We have also created a team for getting feedback from our users and we use private teams for talking about development issues, telling jokes, publishing mistakes we have made or keeping track of interesting events.

At the moment teowaki allows you to share links, best practices, shouts (short messages), jesters (mistakes) and, of course, your profile. You can share information privately or publicly, with just one team or with as many as you like. You can search for public contents from other users and fork them into your teams, so you don’t need to start writing from scratch.

You can join as many teams as you want, so you can communicate at the same time with your colleagues, the customers you are freelancing for, your friends from Uni, the members of your local communities, or the delegates to that conference you attended last summer. Because we don’t think it’s fair you have to stop sharing valuable information with interesting developers only because you quit a job, or you live in a different city or you can’t find the time for meeting regularly.

User profiles are another interesting feature. No matter if you change teams or companies in the future, your URL will always stay with you. You can go by different nicknames when joining different teams and if you want to keep a particular membership secret, you only need to go to your settings and mark that team as hidden. You know, sometimes your boss doesn’t need  to know you are freelancing for other people.

If you are an event organizer, teowaki gives you a free backchannel for you to use before, during and after the events. Let event participants curate link lists, have conversations, and extend the reach of your event. Have separate teams for volunteers, organizers, speakers and delegates if you want. Provide a single URL where everybody can keep up to date with the news, so you can  enjoy more free time for making your event awesome.

We are just providing the channel, but we are keen to see how you all are going to use it and we are looking forward to learning from you and making a site where developers feel at home.

teowaki is now open. Welcome aboard.


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