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How we are using redis, as shown at Arrrrcamp

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at arrrrcamp 2013, an amazing conference for Ruby, Rails, Radiant and Rum. I met a lot of fascinating developers, listened to many inspiring talks and had  a great time in Ghent. If you still haven’t attended any edition of Arrrrcamp, save the date for next year.

My contribution to the conference, was an introductory talk to redis and how you can use it when building your ruby applications. For the first minutes I gave a quick overview of redis, explaining the key features and passing very quickly over a few commands so people could get a taste of how it feels working with it. Then I proceeded to explain how other people are successfully using redis (twitter, pinterest, viacom and openredis) and how some companies misused it and got into production issues (instagram and twilio). Finally I explained our use cases of redis in teowaki, which cover aspects such as background processing, API analytics, generating sequences, removing duplication from lists, calculating API usage quotas, or detecting duplicate values.

You can find the slides of my talk below. They are better understood with the video, so I’ll update this post as soon as the awesome arrrrcamp organizers make it available.

Thanks to everyone involved in organizing arrrrcamp and a warm greeting for everyone I met over there. I hope to see you all soon!